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Camp announcement


Sunday 7 – Sunday 14 July 2013. The camp starts in the late afternoon on Sunday 7th and ends after breakfast on Sunday 14th.


Vakantiehuis Fabiola Weldoenerslaan 5, B-3630 Maasmechelen (www.kfh.be)


To foster mutual understanding between young people in different countries

Education through sport and outdoor activities




For those whose participation is funded by YIA: People with Williams syndrome in the age 15-25 years. People between 25-30 years can be accepted only to a maximum of 20% of the total number of participants. 4 participants per country.


1 leader per 2 persons with Williams syndrome

Number of countries

9 countries: Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, United Kingdom


See separate document on this website


For those whose participation is funded by YIA: Applicants have filled the application form before the end of August 2012.


Maasmechelen is near the Dutch border and the river Maas. Flights are possible to Brussels National Airport + train to Genk or Düsseldorf Airport + train to Herzogenrath. Local transport to the venue will be arranged.


Vakantiehuis Fabiola is a youth holiday center with modern lodging accomodation and recreational facilities. The total capacity is over 300 guests, divided over different buildings. We stay in 'Huis 1'. It has bedrooms for 4-8 persons. Bed linen is available.

The sub-tropical swimming pool, the gymnasium, several sports fields and play areas, cycling and gokartpark and 10 hectares of play forest form the basis of the recreational offerings.

Advance Planning Visit

There is no Advance Planning Visit. During the camp there will be a daily planning meeting with the leaders (at least one leader per country) in the late afternoon for the next day.


The local currency is the Euro.

Funding and costs

An application has been made and approved to the EU 'Youth in Action' (YIA) Program for a Youth Exchange. The EU funds:

  • 70% of the participant and leader travel costs

  • The lodging and activities costs at 37€ / person / day

The remaining 30% of travel costs are paid by Williams Beuren Syndroom vzw. Each participant (not the leaders) pays €150, which should be approximately the average of the remaining 30% of travel costs. In case the €150 is above the average of 30% of the travel costs, part of it will be paid back after all expenses are known. Note that we have applied for the YIA Program for the wave of October 1st, 2012 in order to reduce the travel costs as much as possible through early bookings. Before the flights booking, we check the proposed travel arrangement and may give advice for the connections at the lowest prices.

Participants who are not funded by YIA pay their travel costs + 37€ / day for the lodging and activities.